Monday, January 19, 2009

The Best Medicine?

Im a big fan of tyler perry movies. They're funny but they deal with real issues.

So tell me why halfway through Meet the Browns I was crying?! And I don't mean stray tear crying. I mean body shaking boohoohoo shut up with all them tears crying. Dramatic "them aint even real tears" crying.

I know why I was crying. It had been building up for weeks. First of all, I was scared. The movie drummed up a few of my insecurities about the way my life is heading and where I could have been versus where I am now, and where I might end up. So I was crying for myself. Second...I just got over a breakup a little while ago and im still kinda reeling from that. Add in stress and day to day pressures and I think I deserve a tear or two.

They say laughter is the best medicine. But laughter is a short term fix. Laughter makes you forget, but it won't make things go away. I had nightmares (even if I just dozed off for 20 minutes) for days, every day, without fail, until the night I cried. I haven't had one since.

Does that mean tears are really the best medicine? What do you think?


Andre said...

medicine is the best medicine silly... but yeah laughter is a temp solution to a permanent problem, cause once the chuckles stop...what's left?

and Dane Cook says sometimes he spends days just crying and thinking of sad stuff to make him cry harder...go figure!

Anonymous said...

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Raft3r said...

tyler peryy rocks

i particularly enjoyed why did i get married

you know why, right?

please celebrate with us
as the deadbeat club turns one

see ya around!

Amber ♥. said...

i almost never cry. nor have nightmares. i think it comes from what you were thinking about before u fell asleep. have pleasant thoughts and youll be okay. i have a dream book too. if u can remember what u dreamed about nightmare or not. look it up. it make be telling u something.

oh and i love tyler perry movies too

i look the new layout by the way