Sunday, March 8, 2009

Work Ethics

I have a low tolerance for bad working conditions.

I've been working for all of three months now, and clearly my seasonal status has been transferred to part time status, which is good. But some things are starting to happen that are making me ready to break out the ol' resume and get to hunting.

First, we're experiencing a huge change in management. They took the two GOOD managers and sent them to a struggling store and left us with the other two somewhat cool but not that hot managers. So now we have a new manager (who clearly isn't too new because he's been there before) and an acting store manager to fill in until our real new store manager gets here.

The change in management is tolerable at best. What sucks, though, is how they've been treating my time and the time of select other employees. Thursday night they made me do an extended shift and close even though I really didn't need to be there. Friday I had to come in early and then the manager tried to make me stay later even though I wasn't extended and again had NO REASON TO BE THERE. And tonight I worked a DOUBLE EXTENDED SHIFT (which don't even exist) and had to close, which resulted in me not getting home until 12:30 am. Add in the fact that time skipped ahead and technically my ass was out until 1:30.

When I say that's some bullshit, I mean that's some bullshit.

I've stayed way too many unplanned extended shifts, and covered way too many unexpected call offs, and now I guess its expected that im supposed to just always be freakin available. My problem is I cant say no, not because of money but because of my work ethic and I know that its good when you make sacrifices for the sake of the team. This time was just particularly infuriating.

So for now, I will bite my tongue and bear it. Ill work the extra hours. Stand all day in those damn high ass 4 inch stiletto boots I wear to work to promote the brand (which works) and go home with sore feet. On Fridays I will prance to the bank. And all the while ill be perfecting my resume and applying to school. This is not where I want to be for another 6 months, much less the rest of my life.


Video Vix[o]n said...

lol @ extended double shift, sounds like some security guard ish.

damn, i know about that work ethic, but there's a difference between taking one for the team and then being the whole damn team.

sadly, i had to quit two of my three jobs cuz im way too busy trying to finish school. i mean that money looks cool and all, but you do have other priorities. its all about where that sacrifice comes in.

but do it for the experience for real. hang in there D (at least for the shoes).

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