Friday, May 9, 2008

A Lovely Day

Party!!! Well, last night at least. It was the first semi-open party Ohdeez has thrown this semester (and the first one I've been to at all) and Ohdeez did not disappoint. Well, I'm not sure how it went as far as the party downstairs...I'm not gonna lie I spent most of the time going up and downstairs for Jager and various other drinks. But I spent a lot of time talking to some Ohdeez I hadn't really talked to before, so that was nice. I had to be careful because I was wearing a shirt that had a little skirt thing on the bottom which made it look like a dress even though it was waaaayyy too short to be a dress. I was wearing shorts underneath though. Amardo said that he wanted every guy in the room to try to talk to me last night because he knew at the end of the night I was going with him. Still, I kept my distance from guys who were trying to dance with me. I even did a little footwork (in heels, heels!!). All in all, it was really fun.

Now I'm sitting alone in his room, looking at the mess of alcohol bottles on his desk and nasty shit on his floor and wondering how in the world I'm gonna clean all of it up. But I gotta do it because today is Reading Day and I have a lot of stuff to study for my finals, and I need to make the most out of these last few days. *Sigh*. And I'm really thirsty. But...I didn't cry last night!!! Yay!!! I knew it was what I was drinking last time. Plus I didn't have a reason to cry...I was too happy.

Let me start cleaning up this damn room...I'll holla back later. Deuces.

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