Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm Getting Old...

After an interesting morning of being rudely awakened by Amardo, who just can't get up in the mornings without waking EVERY LIVING BEING IN THE ROOM WITH HIM (grrrr), I decided to hop on Facebook for a minute before I started my morning routine of getting dressed. I saw a new event...Louder Than a Bomb 08. Now for those who are unfamiliar with Chicago events, Louder Than a Bomb is a huge poetry slam held annually where students from high schools and even some grammar schools (Keller...woop woop) compete. There are certain bouts and each school has a team. Individuals do a poem, and then the group does a group poem as well. It's such a great experience to see up and coming talent poetic talent in Chicago.

Now here's why it makes me feel old...I participated in Louder Than A Bomb in 2003!!! 5 whole years ago! And yet, I remember that day like it was yesterday. I remember my intense nervousness reciting a poem from memory that I wasn't fully sure about. I remember my grammar school taking third place, behind New Trier and some other school. I still have the shirt...I still wear it, too. I love the questions it brings up. You were in Louder Than A Bomb? What's that? I love being able to say I participated in an official poetry event such as LTAB.

Yesterday was so much fun, even though we didn't really do anything. We woke up early for Sunday brunch...imagine 5 OhDeez, 1 OhDee girlfriend and 2 OhDee girlfriend prospects walking across campus in a huge ass group to Grant to eat, and then meeting up with three more OhDeez and one more OhDee girlfriend. We were deep as the lunchroom! We ALL maxed. I wish I had a picture of was cute. Then, everybody kinda split. The girls and Braulio went toward the dorms, and the guys went back to the house. I went to my dorm first to get some clothes and then came back to the house. They were all smoking and watching Afro Samurai (hot ass cartoon, if anybody wants to see it).I didn't smoke but i did sit and watch. Then the party migrated to Andrews room, where Caesar and Andrew played Madden for $20...Caesar won. Then the party migrated AGAIN to Carlitos' room, where Amardo, Carlitos, Chris G, Carlos G, and I think Caesar played poker. While they played poker Andrew and I started watching American Hustle. When the poker game was finished, we migrated BACK to Andrews room and everybody plus Sucio and B-Rad watched American Hustle there and smoked (again, I didn't smoke). I think they thought it was pretty funny...I know I did. Then we all ordered food and ate cheese nuggets, pizza, and hot wings. It was a pretty amazing meal, I must admit. When everything was said and done, Amardo and I finally went to bed. I couldn't sleep from all the Pepsi I drank yesterday, but he held me tight and finally I did fall asleep. And that is how OhDeez spend their Sunday nights...smokin, playing games, and eating. Doesn't get much better.

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