Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pinche Cabron...

Deep breath.......aaaaahhhhhhh. Okay. I feel myself spiraling down into the habits I had last semester and it's not good. Although I'm not behind in my schoolwork, I'm not going to class and that's bothering me. Last night was wild. First, Amardo and I went to eat at Neptune...all you can eat. Then we went to Janet's room so Janet and I could talk about apartments. Except we only talked about that for like 3 minutes, then were just chilling. We somehow ended up going to Jason's room after that and chilled with Jason and Caesar. Braulio came, and so did James, except they were going to play basketball so Amardo and I left and ended up seeing Angel on our way to the house. When we got to the house, Armando and Lincoln were there, and David was on his way. It was a crazy night. I didn't get drunk, but I did learn how to do a hot ass trick with the hookah. I also played a little Guitar Hero with Carlos (I won once) and at the end of the night, Amardo and I had a pretty good talk...I was completely honest with him about certain stuff that bothers me. We even talked in a little spanish. I finally got to show him i'm not a complete dumbass when it comes to Spanish. It's not that I don't know how to label things in spanish or even form simple sentences, I just can't hold a full out, complicated conversation and I can't speak it very fast nor can I understand all of what native speakers say because, just like in english, they tend to cut off words or run right through them and my brain can't process it fast enough to understand it on the fly. The hilarious thing is, I can spell all kinds of words in Spanish (and in English), I just don't always know how to use them.

Mike Ballou blowing a huge ass bubble...7 puffs!! He was lightheaded as hell after that one

This was crazy...You may not be able to see but Mike had smoke coming out of his nose like a bull and out of the sides of his mouth...ridiculous...

Death Rho all day #121, 118, and 119 (120 was playin Halo at the time of the picture)

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