Saturday, March 1, 2008


I'm sitting in Mike Ballou's room, smoking hookah with Mike, B-Rad, and Amardo, and discovered one of the most calming and relaxing feelings in the world. I take a deep inhale of the smoke and just let it wash over my face and chest. The smoke is surprisingly cold, and seeing the swirls of thick white air is just amazing. I guess hookah is pretty is, after all, flavored tobacco. What's more, though, is that it can be such a bonding thing. It's laid-back and relaxed. Look for us on YouTube next week some time. I finally learned how to do circles, but I don't have any pictures of me doing that though.

I had an interesting conversation with Amardo last night, and I thought I should write about the topic here since it's very important. When I started college, I was the typical freshman. I was doing a lot of stuff I wouldn't even have considered doing in high school. I got drunk for the very first time my first weekend there. A few weeks later I smoked my first blunt. College meant a lot of firsts for me.

And then I met Amardo and the rest of the Omega Delta family, and for some reason my whole outlook on the college experience changed. I guess it's because everyone is older than me, and they are beyond the freshness of freshman life. When you're surrounded by freshman, it's easy to fall into the trap of always partying, always going out, and not managing your time. And because you're not supposed to drink but it's a lot easier to get alcohol, you want to drink all the time, and drink to get drunk. But I'm not like that anymore...getting drunk has become unattractive and, depending on what I'm drinking, disgusting. Not to say I haven't been drunk since I've been hanging out at the OhDeez all the time...that would be a contradiction. I just feel worse about it now, and try to avoid it more than I used to.

Another thing that boosted my difference in opinion about the college life is the fact that I got very involved very quickly. I was made the president of my floor in November and held that position for two months until now, when I have become the treasurer of the Lincoln Hall Council. I also made it on the Student Advisory Board for the College of Business. That was a pretty nice accomplishment, seeing as I'm the only freshman to ever be on the board. Because of these two obligations, I have to go to a lot of meetings. Add in schoolwork and balancing friends and my boyfriend and things can get a little hectic. At the same time, I also have to make sure I maintain ties with my family at home. And now I'm about to pick up a job. I always stay busy...imagine how I'll be able to handle getting my MBA and my JD at the same time, probably still while working, and, by that time, working on a family? That's going to be crazy...

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