Wednesday, March 5, 2008

On Da Low...

Janet and I have decided what apartment we're moving into: Colonial Townhouses, preferably somewhere not so close to the OhDeez that they never leave us alone and not so far that our boyfriends can't come see us. We viewed one today, not that we really had to because we know people who live there already, and we've seen their apartment many times. But we still wanted to view it, just to be sure, and we made our final decision in the car outside the complex. Now to come up with the money...

Point #2: Scotty tried to eat Chippendale today. Stupid Scotty.

Point #3: Amardo is in Andrew's room with a bunch of people, and I take it they're smoking, because when he opened the door all on the low it was hazy as hell. I'm a little bothered by the way he treated me like an intruder...he wouldn't even open the door for me to come in, just cracked it. He said he thought I was the police...why in the FUCK would the police randomly walk up to Andrew's room of all rooms and decide to bust in? He's never been bothered by it before, so obviously there is something more to the story. Suppose I wanted to come in and chill? But oh well. Fuck it. I got shit to do, I got homework to do, and I honestly can't afford to spend anymore emotional energy on stupid things.

I'm already on edge, and I'm already stressed. I need for school to be over so I can finally relax these poor muscles of mine. I need for me not to know that my Spring break is about to be a mix of me scrambling to get the money for this deposit and doing as much studying as possible for the three exams coming up after break, plus the paper I have to turn in next week, plus the Psychology chapter(s) I'm going to have to read, plus the Philosophy that I am still SO behind in, plus studying for UBUS. And (mostly) living with Amardo has taught me to appreciate the small things, like walking into a clean room from a long day of classes, or opening the refrigerator to cold drinks and frozen treats. I see now why my aunt gets so stressed when she comes home from a long ass day of work to see a junky living room and a sink full of dirty dishes. It's a depressing sight to know that when you come home your day is not over yet.

Enough lollygagging on this blog. I have homework to do. Deuces

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