Saturday, March 22, 2008


Now that I'm feeling better than I did earlier, and I'm bored as hell, it's time for me to go ahead and write about something i think about often. Why do men always have to be such...males? Staying in the frat house has taught me some important lessons about males, especially frat guys.

1: they are homo AS HELL!!! But they only do it to each other, and only cuz they're all brothers. But it's still funny sometimes.
2: Ohdeez are some THIEVES when it comes to stuff in the house. They don't call it stealing...they call it cuffing. But anything is up for grabs. Chips, pop, water, toilet paper...don't leave anything laying around, because if they see it they will cuff it. My boyfriend has got to be one of the worst cuffers in the history of cuffing...he gets EVERYTHING i have. Everything. Nothing is safe. The only time I can enjoy a meal myself is if I DON"T EAT AROUND HIM.
3: I've come to the conclusion that Spanglish is the official OhDee language. I say that because even the guys who aren't Latino speak some sort of Spanish to each other. I'm gonna be fluent by the time I leave this house.
4: Guys are straightforward as FUCK. I mean these guys will announce just about any bodily action they do (or plan to do). ANYTHING. I've heard so many disgusting things in this house its not even funny.
5: OhDeez are all about money, hoes, cars, and clothes. And they share everything. When I say everything, I mean everything. They share hoes and clothes for sure. It's pretty funny.

I think I ran out of stuff for instead of trying to think about more, I'm just going to end my blogging for the day. I'll talk again later...deuces.

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