Saturday, March 22, 2008


It's 11 on a Saturday morning...I haven't woke up this early voluntarily for almost a week and i wait until the day i DON'T have class to get up all early and feeling productive. It's day after a party morning at the house...everyone is basically just chilling, recovering from their night of hitting the bars or drinking jagerbombs in the room and playing poker. It's actually almost unsettlingly quiet. You can see the cars of the people who got drunk last night and stayed at the house all parked out in the parking lot. I just got done cleaning Amardo's room...there were beer cans and food containers and lighters and dishes and shot glasses and coke cans and spills ALL OVER THE PLACE. I'm actually not feeling all that hot right now myself. I'm not really hungover but I just don't feel all that good. I think it has more to do with this scar I got on my throat from the stupid hookah the night before last than anything else. Well, I'll write a little later when I feel a little better...for now I'm gonna go mingle with all the other Ohdeez. Deuces

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