Monday, December 1, 2008

Been So Long...

I know its really only been a week since the last time I wrote, but it feels like forever. I still don't have internet =( so I'm still trucking it on the sidekick which means I cant comment on anyones posts. But I am still reading!

New Development #1: I HAVE A JOB!!! Im now a sales associate at DSW. Its a designer shoe store, but it sells its shoes at discounted prices. Im EC-freakin-STATIC about this, mainly because I need a job, but also because I love shoes and purses and I get a 30% discount not only at DSW but also at Filene's Basement. If I were able to upload pics I'd show yall my pretty name badge but I can't yet so I'll work on that later.

New Development #2: Amardo and I are talking again. I hadn't blogged about it but two weeks ago we got into a horrible fight and broke up. It took days before we could even speak civilly to each other and it wasn't until Friday that we really made up, since Friday was the first time we saw each other since the fight, seeing as he's in Dekalb and im still in Chicago. I just hope things stay the way they are because I really like where we're at right now and I don't want it to change.

New Development #3: I have revived my faith. For a time, I didn't want to believe in anything God related. But Tuesday, I decided to pray. It wasn't to God...I was really having a talk with my grandfather, who passed away when I was conceived (so I never met him but feel some strange connection to him). I prayed for wisdom, guidance, and strength. The next day I got the interview at DSW, and by Saturday I was offered the job, with yesterday being my official hiring date. In addition, after praying, my relationship with Amardo got much better. I could say its a coincidence, but I like to think Bigdaddy is my guardian angel and that he's looking out for me.

Things are finally getting better for me.


PhlyyGirl said...

Glad things are better for you.
I honestly believe that faith is something that each person has to discover and define on their own. I don't feel that it's something that you can be "taught" or something that you have to follow explicitly.

So ummmm about this DSW job thingy. First of CONGRATS!!
Secondly, I knooooowww ya'll got friends and family coupons or something. I just need like two!!lol

Video Vix[o]n said...

happy to hear bout ya blessing miss. a job, ya mans and faith all together? I need me all of that (switch the mans with a girl, of course).

sorry to hear bout ya internet, but i know you readin though. i can feel it.

Raft3r said...
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Raft3r said...

a whole lot happened to you in a week
good for you

Raft3r said...

btw, congrats on the new job

Mercy said...

i would love to work at dsw...i have a bit of a shoe addiction!!!


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KC said...

Heyyyy gal !! Loooong time na! Sooo sorryyy :( Only now i ve got unlimited internet in my office ! Plus blogs were restricted till now.. But now they ve taken it off , and i can now come n visit u often ! :)

Life's goin on kool ! Really love my job and my colleagues ! We are havin loadsa fun !! :) Only prob is that i don get any spare time at all ! :( I try hard to blog during the weekends , but , somethin or another keeps propping up ! :(

Anyway , Sooo glad to hear the good news ! Congratulations on ur new job !! :) Seems a lot has happened since i ve been gone :) By the way , wats happenin with ur Univ and studies ??! Keep posting ! Am sure i ll be here often from now on !! :)

Andre said...

just miiiight be oookkk!

That lupe BTW LOL

I comment on my sidey sometimes on ly when they allow name and url or anons...But yeah just give thanks because it is a blessing!