Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rollin The Dice

If life were a craps table, I'd be rolling straight 7s.

My phone rang, and it was a 312 number, so I figured it was from DSW, maybe to announce a change in schedule or something. So I answered. But it wasn't DSW at all. It was GNC (gotta love the acronyms lol) asking if I was still looking for a position. Hell yeah I am! One job is good but two, especially when they are 2 minutes apart, is phenomenal. They asked me to come by the store after Im finished with my shift at DSW.

If I thought I was on cloud 9 when I found out about DSW, Im in heaven now.

This throws a rather difficult monkey wrench into my plans to return to Dekalb, though. For about a week I've been wrestling with whether or not I should just swallow the cost of my apartment and stay in Chicago, or whether I should go back to Dekalb and leave my job. At first, both were on an even keel. But now I just don't know. Going to Dekalb is a blind gamble, and id be sure to crap out. Staying in Chicago is safer...and certainly looks smarter.

But I just don't know. I've really gotta think this through, and quickly. I just hope I make the right choice.


Video Vix[o]n said...

go for safe, stay in Chicago. times are hard and taking chances is not a good look right now, lol. that's just to me.

BongFlo said...

so this is the "good" behind that previous episode in your life. there's just so many to be thankful for and this qualifies for one. i perfectly agree with video vix[o]n... don't take chances. and one more thing, lift your concern up to GOD in prayer, He knows whats best for you. have a great weekend my friend. ciao!