Wednesday, April 9, 2008

All A Lie?

So this is how children feel when they discover Santa isn't real in some blunt way, such as by their classmates or some evil relative with no spirit of Christmas? This is the confusion and hurt they feel, to know that what they've come to believe for so long is suddenly not true?

I won't be specific on what I'm talking's an issue that I understand has been challenged a while ago, and maybe I was just a little late to hop on the bandwagon of conspiracy theorists. I will say that NASA no longer holds the same trusted authority that it used to hold for me. Such an abuse of their power and knowledge cannot be forgiven. This new information has led me to be even more skeptical than I ever was before about anything I hear. How do you know what's going on is real? How do we, as people, know what is truth and what is not? How much of what we say and share is nothing but a twisted fabrication of insignificant facts weaved together in such a way to sway an entire world?

For us as humankind to know as much as we do, we still know very little. There are many things that are beyond our explanation. How do we deal with this? Many people are content to not know; whatever they don't know can't hurt them, right? I am not one of those people. What I do not know frightens me because when you don't know, you don't know what to expect and surprises are only good for birthday parties and engagement proposals. As humans, we seem to thrive on there being some sort of constant, something that we know to be stable and true. In fact, people without this sense of constance who lack this stable core are usually considered to be the ones with some type of mental disorder.

At this point, I am confused beyond explanation and I just don't know who or what to believe. Will I ever know? Probably not. It will not be until nothing matters anymore, until life is close to done, after I have learned all I will learn, that the answer will become clear.

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