Sunday, April 20, 2008

Topic of the Day: Alcohol

The last two days have been the craziest days I've experienced in a long time. Thursday night my friend Christina and I each drank almost half a bottle of Jager. I thought I was pretty wasted that night. But last night was the worst. In addition to two jagerbombs and two or three more mixes, I drank Jack and Coke and beer. I've never been that type of drunk before...I wasn't like sloppy or stupid drunk (which I have been). I was emotional/aggressive drunk. Not to sound naive or stupid, but I didn't think girls got like that. Then again, I have, as we know, had some strong feelings bottled up inside for quite a while. I think it was a dangerous mix of alcohol and that's why I got so upset. I wanted to fight! And when I was done wanting to fight, I cried and cried. I won't even get into how the night ended because that's something I want to just move on from, but I will say it wasn't pleasant in any way or form. 

And so today, during my second day of hangover, I thought about something. Being drunk may not be fun, and a lot of times it can make you do things you wouldn't do sober (I should say ALL the time). So why do we keep doing it? Honestly, the thing I like most about being drunk is how social I get. I know that's a typical response, but that's just how it is. I'm such a "stand in the corner alone" girl that finding something that actually brings me out of that stage is exciting. What's even better is that I get really cool with people when I'm drunk which paves the way for later interactions (me and Angel got really cool after my drunken impersonation of him when I didn't even really know him). Not to say that meeting people drunk is the only or even best way to have to be able to meet people sober. But when you're at a party, and everyone is having fun, and you're a little wasted, i don't think there's anything wrong with it. 

It may sound radical or stupid to say such things, but everyone gets a little looser and a little more confident when they're a little buzzed, that's all I'm saying. Tell me it's not just a little easier to talk to people and have fun when you along with everyone else at the party has been drinking! That's can't.

I'm getting bored again...this blog only held my attention for the like 7 minutes it took me to type it. Time to move on to another interest. Until next time....deuces.

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