Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I want to be in the Superclass

I was reading an article in Newsweek (yes, I do read things outside of required reading for class) and noticed a new word: "superclass". What on earth is a superclass? So I read further. It turns out that the superclass is even more elite than rich people, more powerful than anyone could imagine being. Their influence stretches across borders, and that is what gives them much of their power. The other portion of their power comes from what they are in charge of: money. Yes. The heads of banks like Goldmann Sachs (the best investment bank in the world) and of the Federal Reserve Bank have power beyond my wildest dreams. Their decisions can make or break an economy faster than George Bush on a spending spree. Further reading the article proved to be a watered down version of the point being stated an almost timid way, the author proceeds to talk about some 6,000 to 7,000 members of the superclass. How absurd! The author even begins to add people such as Angelina Jolie to the list. Honestly, I do not believe she deserves to be placed on the same list that you would place, say, the head honcho of JPMorgan. She just does not have the influence that these people who I would like to be like have.

Yes, I want to be at the top. I've figured it out. But at the top of what? I'd LOVE to run a business like JPMorgan Chase or even The Northern Trust Company. I'd love to be the head of a bank or some similar organization that has become international. The responsibility, the excitement, the sounds fabulous! Having visited the headquarters for Goldman Sachs this summer (which VERY few people get to do) and even having gone on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange (I think only like 5% of the worlds population has set foot on the trading floor), I know I want to manage a company that manages money.

One day, everyone will see. I will be that young, successful CEO or COO. It's not a question of whether I can do it or not. Nothing can stand in my way at this point but me. And I don't intend on doing ANYTHING to jeopardize my goal.

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