Saturday, April 5, 2008

No, I'm Not Pissed Off, Thanks For Asking

Well, here I am at the Ohdee house, basically alone. It's really quiet in here, but I like it. It's a nice day to be a Saturday. It's starting to get dark outside, too. I'm going to clean up this ridiculously disgusting room, and then i'm going to do some homework. I know, I know, homework on a Saturday? What people don't understand is that Saturday is the designated recovery day. You get drunk on Thursday night, go to class hungover on Friday morning, then party all over again and pay for it all on Saturday when everyone is too broke and lazy to drink anymore. Sunday you sit around knowing you have a paper and two tests Monday but with no motivation to study. Also, everyone comes back to school on Sunday and usually they all want to party so then it becomes impossible to get anything done.

I've admittedly been feeling kind of weird lately...I've been getting irritated over stuff that should have been resolved a long time ago. There are a lot of things that irritate me, this is true. It takes a lot for me to get angry but a push at the wrong time will irritate me very quickly...I consider myself rather short-fused in that respect. It's funny...I get more irritated when someone thinks I'll get irritated about something I don't care about than if someone does something irritating to me, if you can follow that. Like today, when Armando invited people over his house to smoke and watch a movie. Amardo wanted me to go, but I didn't really want to for three (very good, I might add) reasons: first, I'm not smoking. My throat already hurts from being outside last night...why would I want to torture it more? Second, they're watching a movie, which is bad on two counts. I don't like watching movies in the first place, and watching movies when everyone else is high but you is really no fun. Third, how and when would we get back? I want to do my homework, I want to chill, and if Armando is high he's not going to be in any condition to drive back to the house any time soon. The point here is, Amardo almost didn't go because he thought he'd hear shit about it when he got back...WHAT?? Honestly, I would have given him more shit if he DIDN'T go because I don't want his brothers saying "aw, you can't go anywhere without her being there, and if she doesn't go you can't go..." fuck that. I'm not that type of person.

That being said, I kind of like just chilling here. But before I talk myself into a much worse mood than I'd like to be in right now, I'm going to go ahead and clean and then do some homework. I'll try to start writing in here more, not that it really matters because nobody reads this thing anyway...

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