Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Camera + Boredom =

Today I had one of my biggest "cam-whoring" sprees yet.

You know how you take a pic of someone and catch them off guard and those are some of the best pictures ever because you only see that person's true personality in the picture?

Someone tell me how the hell I managed to catch myself off guard??

I was also experimenting with the peace-sign-puckered-lips-DAMN-dis-gurl-got-attitude look.

Oh and before I show you the spawn of my Shitkick camera and intense boredom, I'd like to allow myself a moment to brag: I did my own acrylics, painted on a design on my own, and even applied rhinestones! BY MYSELF, YA'LL! They may not be professional grade, but from a distance I think they look pretty good, and instead of paying the $30 I'd have to pay for this, I only paid $20. And that is going to last me for the next 3 nail jobs. I'm pretty excited right now!

(I'm sorry if I sound conceited...I'm not quite sure what's gotten into me today. I don't usually feel this way about my own work, honest!)

And so, without further ado, I present to you: the Wonderful World of Me (for like the third or fourth time)!

The New Facebook Profile pic, and my third fav of the day

Looks like someone snuck up on me and caught me drinking a Coke, right? WRONG! I took this pic myself =)

Gurl-Got-Attitude #1

The camera could have given me a little pigment in my skin, geez! I look like a Lite Brite!

You may not be able to see the design but I did these myself =)

Decided to give a sad pic

Okay, maybe two. This is my second fav pic of the day

I only chose this one cuz of how my hair looks!

My fav pic of the night!! Love it!


Andre said...

Your lip gloss is poppin in every singleone of those pics LOL and your hair looks so shiny and splendiferous!

the last pic, your expression just says "whatev..."

Video Vix[o]n said...

like the hair, and the lip gloss is poppin', dre is right. lol.

camrea whorin' is soo exceptable in society.

Raft3r said...

ei, you should add me up in facebook!