Monday, November 3, 2008

You Can Vote However You Liiiiikeee

If you've never taken the time to watch anything else I've ever posted here, never taken the time to read anything I've had to say, never listened to any of my recommendations (then again, if you didn't do any of that, why are you here?), then for your own sake watch this video.

Students at Ron Clark Academy made probably the best politics song I've heard since School House Rock. I know I can get hype about some things (read: the T-Mobile G1, which I'm STILL drooling over) but this video definitely melted my heart.

Note: it's funny they say "we can vote however we want" even though they're DEFINITELY like 12. But it's still nice to see that youth are at least somewhat educated about politics and what's going on, even if they can't vote yet. It's a lot more than a lot of REGISTERED VOTERS can say.

Obama on the left, McCain on the right, we can talk politics all night and YOU CAN VOTE HOWEVER YOU LIKE!!

Major shout out Bushra for putting me on this video!!!

Please, everyone, vote tomorrow. History is in the making...why not help make it?


SweetHunniTeah said...

1. i love this post
1a. its short, sweet and to the point
2. i love love love school house rock
3. yay!

PhlyyGirl said...

That was the shit!!! "I want Obama, forget Obama, If you vote for McCain, then you gon have some drama"
And lol at the cutie in the front gettin low with it.
THis was sooo cute

Demiera said...

@ bff - Thanks! I'm glad you like it!! :)

@ Phlyy - Agreed on all points!! When I saw it I just HAD to post it!

Video Vix[o]n said...

LMFAO!!! oh god, why, lol. these kids were bored; cute but bored.