Monday, November 3, 2008

Where'd They Go?

I was initially gonna post about my Swag On Ten songs, but realized my list wasn't quite developed enough for that, and I'm not in a "swag" mood... I'm more of a club banger type mood. So today we explore the question: Where'd They Go?

All the artists I'm about to present released a song or maybe even a couple of songs that had everyone jumpin, poppin, whatever. These songs made you think that maybe the artist had some potential...and then they go and disappear from the face of the earth.

1. Cadillac Don and J-Money - Peanut Butter and Jelly

Cadillac Don and J Money released one album, Look At Me...and it was absolutely horrible. With the exception of the intro and like three other songs, this cd sucked, and maybe that's where their career went.

And did anybody else find it odd that ol' dude's name was Cadillac Don but he said he only rides Chevys...dude needs to get consistent...

2. One Chance - Look At Her

First of all, these guys could sing. And they could dance. And they were fine! They had all the makings to be the next B2K. But where did they go?

I know ya'll remember this song. I love this video...that coordinated jump thing was hot!! I wish I could do that!

Look At Her

3. Purple Ribbon All-Stars - Kryptonite

Where did these guys go? Kryptonite was that jam, and I love Body Rock (the song they play at the end of the video). Don't remember the song or the video? Have no fear, I've got it posted right here:

Kryptonite (Dirty Version)

4. D4L - Betcha Can't

Yes, D4L was more than a one hit wonder. They actually came out with a song with the Alliance not long ago (that Tatted Up song...c'mon now, don't tell me that song didn't make you want to get to a tattoo parlor IMMEDIATELY just so you could feel justified singing the song). But now we got Shawty Lo off doing his own thang (they know, they know), and I'm wondering where the group has disappeared to!

I would have chosen Laffy Taffy, but I thought this song was better. Not to mention they play a little Laffy Taffy at the end of the video, so you get the best of both worlds.

5. Jibbs - Chain Hang Low

This is the song that forever changed the way I sang the ice cream truck song. The idea was genius, I won't lie, and paved the way for more songs of it's kind. Jibbs didn't disappear immediately, coming out with King Kong, but it was nothing compared to this ghetto Chain Hang Low.

And here my list ends for the night. I'll have more songs next week...or whenever I'm not too lazy to make a new list, whichever comes second =).


Andre said...

1. That beat was soooo cold! My friend brought that album and he threw that shit out the window.

2."Got my peripherals on and girl I see you lookin!"

3.Body Rock was hotter IMHO, but kryptonite was just soooo... tight I guess.

4. I was all about the franchise boys till I asked my homies at home and they were like "Nah buddy, we fuck with D4L down here!"
But every song on thier cd was ridin' though.

5. King Kong shitted on chain hang low but the beat breakdown for "chain" was pretty serious, i can't even stunt.

I can't believe you forgot my hometown hero Archie Eversole with his regional smash hit "we ready"

PhlyyGirl said...

1. You know for some reason, when I saw the title of this song all I could think about was the florida juke shit. LOL!

2. I think that had one more song, but really, if you ain't on MTV with Diddy, you ain't shit as a boy band these days.

3. I heard from somebodys mother sisters aunty's baby daddy's cousin friend, that Big Boi took all the money so they said fuck that shit and all went back to working at the car wash.
I think they are comin back out with something else though. And you know it was just a collective, so I think people are on they solo shit now. You know Janelle Monae was with them for a minute too?

4. You know I thought D4L was all snap and clap and shit.... and I still do, but it was good snap and clap.

5. Man, I loved both of his songs cause tey make my speakers knock something SERIOUS!! Maybe he'll come back out

Most of these artists just simply couldn't sell enough for the labels to justify putting any more time or money into promoting them, so they're all just strugglin to come back out.
Meh, I'm sure theyll pop up on the youtube soon. That's what theyallllllllll do.

Demiera said...

@ Dre - My bad for forgettin your guy lol...I actually had to take a few entries off the list cuz I got waaay too lazy to finish it lol. The beat for peanut butter jelly was so catchy it wasnt even funny, and that CD deserved to be out the window lol. And franchize Boyz did have a pretty good CD, but they disappeared too!

@ Phlyy - IT'S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!!! Hahaha that shits still hot in the chi...D4L was DEFINITELY nothin but snap and clap, but it was catchy and it came right around when dem franchize boys and crime mob were hot so it was in the right place. And you're right...after listening to the songs I realized they didn't really mean much future potential for the artists...