Saturday, November 1, 2008


You know how now they have these funny pictures online of things where people do stupid things, and then they have a huge FAIL somewhere just to make things even worse?

That's what I felt like earlier today.

If you'll notice, my blog looks a little different. The picture has changed, the description has changed, and my link list is noticeably shorter.

Why? Because I tried to change my template yet again, and ended up with a great big FAIL.

I lost almost all of my widgets. The only things I maintained were my shoutbox and my followers list. All I wanted to keep consistent was my link list, because that takes the most time to update.

So if you look on my list and you're not there, don't fret or get mad. Just drop me a comment and I'll add you.

I'm going to keep messing around with the theme of this blog because, as we all know, I can't stick to one theme for more than a few months, and it's definitely past it's limit.

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