Friday, October 3, 2008

Cop It or Drop It: "LAX"

I copped The Game's LAX cd two days ago, and decided to wait until I'd listened to the whole thing a few times before I offered my opinion.

First, let's just say: The Game snapped. His album features such artists as Ice Cube, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Ne-Yo, and DMX, to name a few.

My impression of LAX is that it's more laid back overall. This is definitely a riding in the car, windows down, cruising CD. It's got a few songs that make your head bob a little faster, like "Ya Heard" featuring Ludacris.

"LAX Files" is the deep focused song that you listen to when you're in the hoodie mode, and you got your hood and headphones on and you're in your own little world (in case you can't tell, LAX Files is my favorite song on the CD).

The Game takes it old school next with his song "Angel" featuring Common. Not gonna lie, this song really has Common written all over it...when you hear it, you'll understand why...I actually thought it was his song before I found out it was Game. But big ups, because this is a good song.

Another one of my personal favorite songs is "Money". This song just kind of gets stuck in your head because it's got such a great beat. All the beats on this album are good, but "Money" just stays in your head after you hear it!

All in all, "LAX" is diverse and it's actually a very refreshing break from a lot of hip hop songs coming out right now. This isn't one of those albums where the released singles are the only good songs on the album. This one actually is good all the way through. It's perfect for when you're chillin with the boys, riding in your whip, or just in the zone getting things done.

Final decision: Cop It


Raft3r said...

it's here:


Video Vix[o]n said...

besides the Luda track, everything sounded good. Bout to get that "Money" track.

You should cop TI's album too. it's crack to me.

Demiera said...

Thanks for the tip, Vix[o]n. I'll hit up Paper Trail in a little bit and probably blog about it later.