Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some More Deep Thoughts

I'm sitting here alone, listening to the new Game cd (which I will be reviewing soon) and reflecting on my week, and I just have to share some deep shit I learned.

There's something powerful about a parent's love, that unconditional love.
But there's something even more powerful when someone who isn't your parent loves you and treats you as if you are their own offspring.
That type of love, when realized, is powerful enough to break even the strongest person down in tears.
It sure breaks me down every time I think about it.
Sure, I have a mother and a father, though I have no idea where my dad is.
My mom - well, she does her best, and I love her for it. She's always willing to help when she can...but sometimes she just can't.
So I have learned over the years to turn to my aunt and my uncle for guidance, advice, and help.
My aunt was the first person to know when I got my period, the first to know when I lost my virginity, the only person I listened to when it came to learning how to take care of myself.
My uncle helps me achieve my business goals, took me to the streets to learn to defend myself, exposed me to a world I would have never seen.
I am their first niece...and first child.
They were at almost every piano recital, competition, or concert.
Neither of my real parents ever saw one. dad probably doesn't even know I play piano.
They were at every play I was ever in.
My parents never got to see those either.
And I'm sure there's reasons my mom and dad couldn't make it.
I don't hold it against them anymore.

I had a moment.
A moment that made me just sit there and cry.
You guys know about my knee...
I went home with that bad knee, and went back to school with that bad knee
and when I talked to my aunt and uncle, they said I had to go to the hospital.
So I called my mom, because I don't want to go alone.
I'm scared.
She tells me she doesn't have the money to come get me
and that the car doesn't work...
basically, she asks me if I can find someone else who can take me.
I wanted her to understand that at a time like this
it isn't about just being able to get to the hospital...
I could find a ride, or catch the bus.
It's about the fear behind being at a hospital and being told some horrible news
and about the little girl in me just wanting her mommy to be there

the next day, I told my uncle my mom couldn't get me.
Without hesitation he told me that he'd fly in and come get me this weekend.
Imagine that.
This man works in Alabama, and only gets to see his wife and children on weekends.
Not even every weekend, at that.
He's always on the road, always busy, always traveling.
And yet with all of that,
he still made no excuses
all he said was
"sounds like you need your uncle"
and told me he'd be on his way as soon as he could.
Honestly, if that isn't unconditional, I don't know what is.
I honestly don't know where I'd be without my aunt and uncle.


Raft3r said...

hey, demiera!
join my contest!
and hurry!

Andre said...

dwammn...that's noty just uncle..that's "Super-Unc"

I hope things work out with your knee, which it probably will because you're to young for a peg leg!

Demiera said...

@ raft3r - Okay!

@ andre - Yeah he is Super-Unc uncle is the shit...

and thanks...although I bet I'll have the most fashionable peg leg out there! ;)

KC said...

Wow.. This was just aint another Post.. It was like reading Poetry !! :) Your emotions literally got to me !! Your Unc is sure the Hunk !! :)

Demiera said...

Yeah, my uncle is really the shit. He's such a good guy! And I was feeling pretty emotional when I wrote this, too.