Saturday, October 4, 2008


I just realized something rather interesting, and it may be a bit of a contradiction.

I'm listening to Soulja Boy's "Give Me A High Five", chilling in my room, sipping on Gatorade like I don't have a care in the world. And I've come to this realization:

Soulja Boy's lyrics may not be worth SHIT ON A STICK...but that dude is original when it comes to beats. Never mind that a lot of them sound alike. For the sake of argument, we'll say that just adds to his artist trademarkness.

Now, I'm not a Soulja Boy groupie...not at all. I can just appreciate his hype-man-style music. There's only one of his mainstream songs that doesn't get me moving, and that's "Soulja Girl" (I hate that song). I know if I need to get into a crunk mood, I can put on some Soulja Boy and get buck.

Wait, wait. I sense you are not quite following me. So I present to you Exibit A: Give Me A High Five. If you got speakers with bass, turn that shit UP! All the way!! You got a car with a trunk full of kickers? Put this song on a cd, turn the volume up, cruise through the park, and tell me you don't feel like the shit (or just pretend you are if such equipment is not available):

(Warning: this song does NOT sound as good without the bass)

Now I'll tell ya'll who the lyrical genius is: Arab. Yes. That nigga in the background who is always mentioned but you never hear? That dude SNAPS. Don't believe me? Listen (he's the second verse):

I think Arab needs to stop with the name throwing and actually get a track or two of his own instead of being the hype man's hype man. Then again, if he got a track and I just don't know it, please link it up because I want to hear it.

But finally...Soulja Boy is a crazy dude!! He is absolutely hilarious! I don't know if you've heard the "Stanroy" skit. Oh, you haven't? No's right here...

That bitch gone...that bitch left there! LMAO!!

I'm in a particularly silly mood right now. I don't know if this is some after effect of 2 hours of sleep and a long ass day or the candy bar I just ate or WHAT but I'm f-in HYPE! And I love it! It's so much better than feeling depressed and down in the dumps.

I'm off to find other constructive things to do...which will probably result in the writing of another blog post...we shall see...

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