Sunday, October 12, 2008

Untitled As of Now

We all need it,
want it:
It watches us from afar
waiting on us to accept it
But we don't.
We instead find ways to deny it.
We ignore it.
We say it lies.
We don't believe in it,
so it abandons us.
Whether you're scared,
or just feeling down, you need it
unfortunately it is in these times
that it's hardest to find it.
We let things we can't control take it away
we let them hurt our self-esteem
we let them make us doubtful.
We have dreams and we want to make them
but as each failure hits us it chips away at us
and we start to think thoughts that push it even further away.
We start to think we aren't beautiful
because we can't compete with the tv.
We start to think we aren't good enough
when we don't make the team.
We start to think we aren't successful
because someone makes more money than we.
It's a never ending cycle
Because no matter how good you are
how determined you are,
how successful you are,
how beautiful you are,
there's always gonna be someone
better, more determined, more successful, more beautiful
And maybe our confidence will come back
if we embrace this fact rather than fight it.
If we realize that we are the best to us
maybe we'd be happier.
If we stopped trying to be everything we're not
and started being everything we are
maybe our life would feel more purposeful
and when that happens
we won't need to be the best looking or the most thoughtful
it won't matter what we are to other people
because in the end
all that really matters is
who we are to ourselves...