Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Google Looks Out For YOU

You gotta love the effort Google is putting forth.

I'm sure this has happened to a couple of people at the top a number of times, and finally somebody sitting at a huge mahogany table stood up in the middle of an otherwise boring staff meeting and said "Hey! This is important enough to deserve it's own software!"

Thus we have the invention of the "Mail Goggles".

Basically, Mail Goggles are supposed to keep drunk people from sending emails they may regret later with the ingenious use of...math problems! The sender has a minute to solve 5 relatively simple math problems. If he or she can't solve the problems in the allotted time, they are given a new set of problems. And so the cycle continues.


This service sounds like it works best for those who want it to work and for the few people out there that get quiet and reserved when they drink (then again, if they're that responsible when they're drunk, do they really need the service anyway?).

But Google is just opening itself up for a potential lawsuit by some dumbass who, in a moment of drunken frustration and indignation at having to solve some math problems before sending an email, slams a fist into their Vaio screen or throws their monitor out a window.

Google, there's a problem that is becoming increasingly common, and is guaranteed to affect more people than this emailing issue. It is what you really need to try to prevent: THE DRUNK DIAL.

I'd PAY for a service that I could download to my cell phone that would keep me from sending "adlkfalkdnei asldkf ansidlf" text messages to my boyfriend when I'm trying to find out where he's at. And how about a little alert that would warn me that a person calling me is possibly drunk so I know whether or not to field the call?

And while we're at it, can you please invent a technology that keeps the bill collectors from leaving messages on my cell phone when I don't answer?

I'm just saying...


Raft3r said...

i have a love-hate relationship with Google

as soon as i started receiving sponsorships besides AdSense, Google took away my page 4 ranking


Andre said...

Google has been my search engine of choice after askjeeves got wack as hell and too intrusive and bigheaded for my liking.

But with my sidee, I hardly use google mail to send shit, but that drunk txts blocker would stop me from getting vulnerable after many a long island.

Demiera said...

@ raft3r - man that sucks...I'm sorry to hear that! But that's Google for you...

@ andre - I remember askjeeves!! Man that's a throwback for real that was like my first favorite search engine ever...

And i never use gmail for anything but my blog. I really do wish they had a drunk text blocker though.

Jaded said...

I loooooove mailgoogles. Honestly, it is the most helpful application I've seen in awhile. I actually have it activated on my account. It works! Especially since I'm so shitty with math.

Now if they can only develop and app that'll allow you to schedule emails!