Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friday Night Lights...Parte Uno

I meant to recap last night much earlier, but I was waiting on some pictures of the night to go on Facebook. Unfortunately, people are slacking on the picture posting, so I'll just share some pics of the night that I took.

First, let me say that I was itching to go out last night. I've been trapped in the house all week because of this knee (nope, still no better), so of course when I heard that my boyfriend's fraternity was throwing a huge open party, I knew I had to not only appear but to STUNT. I even had my swag on ten.

Of course, I started out the night wearing almost nothing, and by the time I went home I had gym shoes, joggers, and a coat. I came up!

Oh, and I almost fought a girl at Big Bro's house, because she tried to pull rank on me. First of all, I hate airheaded bitches. And I hate ones that say stupid stuff and then try to throw in a nice phrase after it. Like she thought saying "I'm not trying to be rude" was going to soften the situation! She better thank her God that Amardo stopped me, because he saw I was ready to go South Side on her.

And no, it wasn't the straight Captain I drank. I wasn't even drunk when I tried to beat her ass. I DID, however, try to do the Captain Morgan pose....whenever I get a hold of that picture I'll post it immediately lol...

Anyway, here's just a sample of my night last night:

I definitely have my leg wrapped around a pole. Yes, it's like that.

My bff Bushra...most down to earth girl EVER!

Look at the interracial couple! We'd make pretty Blaxican babies!

I had to post this cuz we black people gotta stick together...and it's hilarious how Jay Cossey is always trying to lick someone in a picture!


Andre said...

My thoughts on seeing these pics...

*Bum knee my ass! I can't tell!*

*Bushra = Oye loca, ven para aca.*

*He should be more happier!*

*Mr.Shutter shades may be your boy but that picture is HCWDB's worthy!*

and when girls "south side juke" do they do it on a guy or solo like the percolator? or is it like the "wu-tang" where to people can do it if they both know how?

Demiera said...

My thoughts on your thoughts:

1. Trust me, my bad knee wasn't up lol, that was my good knee.
2. Hehe that's my bff! Although you'd never guess her nationality.
3. That's what I'm saying! But he just doesn't like taking pictures.
4. I dunno what HCWDB is but it sounds funny!

When girls south side juke they do it on a guy, and if he's smart he won't do much movement because it will just be too much. If a guy is getting south side juked on he also needs a wall or another guy holding him up for support.

Andre said...

Ok...I see it kinda see it now.
and I'd say east indian just off the top of my head...


Video Vix[o]n said...

it seems you tryin that morgan stance on the pole, but i gues you weren't.

ya friend Bushra looks pretty. yeah that airhead chic is lucky you didn't go south side on her and that both ya knees weren't intact. seems like you can throw down.

yeah i got south side juked at a party once. all i gotta say is TGIW (thank god I workout).

bth88 said...

I <3 this bff!!! yay im glad im in your blog!! now you have to look at mine!

Demiera said...

@ andre - Close...she's black!!

Naw jp lmao she's Jordanian. Isn't that so cool?

@ v dub - Lol no the pole was my stripper stance lol. And trust knee or no knee I was ready to go...when you live around guys all your life, you tend to get like that...and be careful with the south side jukin, people get hurt that way lol!

@ bff - I'm a step ahead of you...I already saw it!!! Now to link you...