Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Old Me

Believe it or not, my cam-whoring days started way in my sophomore year of high school, back when Tagged was the huge social networking site. These are some of the pictures from my Tagged page that I took years ago:

My super intellectual face

Just finished doing my hair

I look so young!

My favorite picture of all time. It's so mysterious. And yes...that's my real hair =)

One of the only posed pictures I ever took in glasses

I can't wait til my hair gets this length again

It's my Million Dollar Baby look. Wanna box??

Fooling around with the webcam

I wish I knew where those glasses are...those were stunnas for real!


Andre said...

very keut....and this tagged you speak of? WTH? Where was I for this?

Video Vix[o]n said...

@ andre: Tagged was around for a minute. didn't jump on it though, I was on my Hi5 and Sconex ish back then.

its cool to see pics of you back then, compared to now. I should post some old V.V. pix one day.

Demiera said...

@ andre - yeah, vix[o]ns right, tagged was around for a minute. And it was hot a long time ago, too. Not sure where you were lol

@ video vix[o]n - I've never done Hi5 or Sconex. I've done blackplanet like once, but mine top two now are facebook and myspace.

And thanks! I wish I had my pictures from when I was really young. And you should! It's always fun to compare old to new