Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Update

I have hurt myself in the most embarrassing way possible.

So I went to the hospital today, and let me say this: everyone should find a nice suburban community hospital to go to. I swear, that was the most pleasant hospital experience I've ever had. Everyone was nice: the receptionist, the nurse; the ER doctor was nicer than my primary care physician, the ladies who took my x-rays, the EMT guy who put the brace on my knee and subsequently brought me my crutches, the guy who gave me my discharge information sheet, and the receptionists as I was on my way out. It was like a Pleasantville scene.

Basically, I have bursitis, which happens when a small sac of fluid on your knee that cushions the bone and joints becomes inflamed. How did I get this? From walking up and down the stairs.

Yes, that's right. If there were ever more startling testimony that I'm horribly out of shape, it's the fact that I somehow managed to seriously hurt myself walking up and down some damn stairs.

To my defense, I've never lived in a multilevel home before. Sure, my house in Chicago has a basement and a ground floor, but everything I need is on one floor and I rarely have to go into the basement; at least, not nearly as much as I have had to here.

But still. I feel like a fatass without the weight.

Now I have to go to an orthopedic doctor so she can more carefully examine me and I guess perform surgery if necessary (Lord have mercy).

I need a nap was a long night and a long day...

I wonder if Tylenol has sleep-inducing abilities...


KC said...

Oops.. I don know whether to feel sorry for you or just laugh :p Knee pain due to climbing stairs ??!! he he he.. anyway take care gal !! :)

KC said...

Oops again .. Jus read your other posts reg your knee pain ! Din know it was that serious !! :( Are you sure that it was the stairs ??! :)

Demiera said...

Haha KC it's okay to laugh...not gonna lie, I felt pretty stupid when the doctor said that's what it was. But it's just that I'm not used to climbing stairs the way I do now, and it probably got irritated and only got worse when I continued using my knee.

PhlyyGirl said...

Oh wow. It's not funny, but it is(Only a little bit though)
I know how you feel. I had a foot problem earlier this year when I tried to start running again and the doctor told me it's basically cause my ass got so FAT in the two years that I stopped running =(
It's cool though baby steps. Literally! I walk instead of running and when I (finally)get down to my former weight or close enough, I'm gonna start jogging again.
Hope you feel better though babes!