Saturday, October 11, 2008

What A Night

Goodness gracious.

I shouldn't even be blogging right now. I've got a feeling I might still be a little drunk.

Countless jello shots, smirnoff, and UV will do that to you.

I went to a sex toy party last night for the very first time, and it was actually a pretty exciting experience. For those who may have never attended one, it's basically like one of those Tupperware parties except with vibrators and creams. The woman presenting was NOT FUNNY though...she was actually really lame, and she thought it was an amazing idea to insert "grandma" into the most awkward situations, like "Put this calendar on your grandma's fridge so she can try positions" and all other kinds of things that just were not funny. To her credit, she tried, and we had a few genuinely hilarious moments (what can't be hilarious when a group of girls are passing around vibrators that rotate??).

Guys, if you don't know what items you're competing with, you need to hightail it to a sex store IMMEDIATELY and see your competition.

I had been warned by Amardo before I went to the party not to buy any dildos, which is understandable. Why would I need a dildo when I have him?? Duh...

So I bought this cream that numbs whatever you put it on and some love dice.

Probably the best thing about this party wasn't the toys I got. It was the people I met. I met some really cool girls and was in the middle of a big ass party talking to my jello shot buddy about whether or not she had just had sex with her boyfriend and whether she had used something she just bought. You can only see that type of bonding at a sex toy party.

Girls (and guys too if ya'll want, even though that's kinda gay), if you haven't been to one, FIND ONE. Go to it. I'm convinced that this is something every girl needs to attend at least once.

Right now I swear I'm still drunk so I think I'm going to drink some Gatorade to prevent a hangover and watch TV until I pass out. I'm sure I'll be blogging later, though.


Andre said...

A freaking sex toy party!

I saw one on real sex back when I was a youth but it was for glass toys and stuff....good times, good times...

And the cream nyou bought does it just numb like you don't know it's there or can you still feel stuff?

KC said...

Lol.. 2nd erotic post for the week ! Seems u are really in the "Mood" this week :p And i think it ll be atleast a decade before such kinda parties happen here in india :)

Demiera said...

@ Andre: Lol no there were no glass toys at this one...

And I haven't used the cream yet but I rubbed it on my hand and you can kind of still feel stuff.

@ KC: Lmao I hadn't even realized I'd written so many this week...and maybe you should try to make them popular over in India! They're really a lot of fun!

Video Vix[o]n said...

sex toy partays!!! yeah boy!!! lol.

that's cool though. thats like dudes that link up just to play games all day, i guess. glad you have fun, those the grandma jokes I could imagine weren't funny at all.

Demiera said...

Lmao yeah, except when you hook up to play video games you don't have the urge to buy all kinds of wacky things.

And the grandma thing in itself wasn't bad, the woman was just lame lol. the girl sitting next to me was HILARIOUS though