Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So I'm sitting here watching the Sox-Twins tiebreaker game (Go Jim Thome for the only home run, and score, of the game), and of course, they break away from the game every so often to give us a nice little commercial break.

I have to say this now:


It's the same general idea: this old guy comes waltzing out to his slightly aging wife in some ridiculously happy mood, and he starts dancing with her, and then he carries her off to the bedroom wonderland. All the while some old voice-over guy talks about what a joy it is to have erectile dysfunction because now you can take Viagra, and you can live your old life, and please go to the doctor if your erection lasts for more than four hours, and all the while the most annoying "Viva Viagra" song is playing in the background.

First. Nobody waltzes when they're about to hit the sack.
Second. They rarely dance. Dancing takes too much energy and too much time, unless it's one of those nights. But do not believe that every dose of Viagra will give you one of those nights.
Third. ED isn't cool, no matter how many drugs you can take for it. I'm sure it's still embarrassing.
Fourth: Last I checked, a four hour erection was my idea of heaven... *smirk*

And on that fourth note...I'm off to finish the game...


Video Vix[o]n said...


i hate those commercials that make something really bad seem all good by taking one pill and everyone looks happy in the commercial.

that just gave me an idea for a post for silliest commercials. thanks Ms. C.S.

Demiera said...

Lol no problem I'm glad I could be an inspiration...

and yeah, those commercials are THE WORST!

Bridge Schmidt said...

I have never seen this commercial before, maybe because in Hawaii, we have different advertising policies and local channels have more local commercials.

Anyway, don't get upset. Just change the chanel next time or just do other things productive. Hahaha! A sermon from Bridge.

Demiera said...

Lol Bridge I'm too lazy to change channels =P. I guess I could be more productive...although I'm too lazy for that too sometimes...=)