Thursday, September 18, 2008

A "Dream" Come True

You know how you have an Aha!!! moment but you don't get it until like 3 months after you should?

I called T-Mobile once to verify something with my plan (or my minutes or something, I've called T-Mobile so many times I don't even remember what I call for anymore). The customer service lady was very polite, as they always are, and, as I am apt to do, we struck up a conversation about cell phones. We talked about my Sidekick, and she told me about her phone (I think she had a wing). And then, in a hushed voice, she said "I'm not supposed to tell you about this, but we're coming out with a phone that developers say will be the next top iPhone competitor."

I felt like Christmas had come in July.

She couldn't tell me any more about it, which was a little saddening, but just knowing that I knew a secret that would soon sweep the nation was enough to lift my spirits. As T-Mobile started releasing new phones, I would look at them saying "Is this it? Is this is?" with all the annoyance of a child screaming "Are we there yet" in the backseat of a car.

And now, completely out of coincidence, I stumbled upon the find of the century.

I was looking on Google for information about dreams because that's what I was originally going to blog about. I've been having some interesting dreams lately, and I've been remembering them, which is two strikes on the dream record.

There it was, number 3 on the google page: a news article about the new Dream, a cell phone made as a collabo between T-Mobile, HTC, and...that's right...Google.

*Shaky, adoring exhale*

The phone features a new Google Android-based platform which has been greatly talked about in cell phone circles. and it features a slide or swivel screen that reveals a QWERTY keyboard.

You mean to tell me that for $200 I can get a touchscreen smartphone Sidekick?? Ohhh, I'm in love.

There are leaked photos here of the phone, but I'll wait until October (when the phone is being released) to share actual photos of it.

T-Mobile, you are really on to something now. And the service isn't bad, and the customer service is so good you want to call just to have a conversation with a rep...and with it's lower prices, people may actually be flocking to switch from AT&T to T-Mobile (I know I made the switch, and I regret not making it sooner).

Look for more info as events warrant.


Video Vix[o]n said...

good looks. I'm on T-Mobile and my phone is currently messed up (i think it's the model more than the phone), but this Dream looks like crack. happy to know there's more T-Mobile heads out there.

Demiera said...

Had to look out for all the T-Mobile heads in the world...I'm STUPID excited about this phone coming looks like a dream come true...what kind of phone do you have?