Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thank Goodness We're Not Dead

Apparently, scientists from over 60 nations have come together to create some large particle collider that they started up today.

I'd like to note that Quick Takes in the Chicago Sun Times has been talking about this occurrence for over a month. That's just Quick Takes though (really good should read it sometime).

People have been running scared for the past few days in anticipation that high energy protons would create a huge black hole that would swallow the Earth and (duh) lead to our sudden demise.

I'm not gonna lie, I was a little nervous. I mean, I don't want to die because some scientists decide they want to mess around with subatomic particles. I'm sure there are people who think this is a super cool way to die. I just don't see the justification of dying in a super cool way if nobody's going to survive to write about it in a history book...there won't even be a history book to write it in!

But stuff like this doesn't bother me as much anymore, because these are only the reported scientific occurrences. And I love how none of the major news outlets bothered to tell the general public that we might die tomorrow, but today columnists are smugly writing things like "the fact you're reading this means we didn't get sucked into a black hole and disappear from the universe" and other cocky things. Just kind of makes you wonder what other things are being done in the name of science that could potentially kill us.

And honestly, given the crime rate in Chicago and the growing number of young adults being killed everyday for no reason and girls getting raped on college campuses and the dangers of alcohol poisoning and obviously the ever-present terrorist threat from a nation we're still fighting for no reason, there isn't much room on my Worry Meter for large hardon particle colliders that create black holes. Sorry.


Video Vix[o]n said...

lol, you're absolutely right. there's too much BS happening in the world now for it all to end by a black hole. it's not really cool, it's just anti-climatic, that's all. but it's crazy that it's never been addressed. SMH.

Satheesh KC said...

LOL.. This shit was so much blown over the top that the media here went to the extent of goin around asking Teens what would they do before the earth gets destroyed !! Bull Crap :p Anyway None said "Gettin laid" - sure that must have been the first thing on their minds !! :p

Demiera said...

@ video vix[o]n - Yeah, I tell you about the government withholding information...and did you know our tax dollars fund that shit?

@ kc - None said getting laid? Were they real teenagers?? =P In America that's all anybody would have said...what a nasty world we live in!