Monday, September 29, 2008

For Those Who Like Fooball Week 2

I've been slacking on my football coverage for the past few weeks, not for a lack of watching it but for a lack of motivation in talking about it.

Last night was the Bears game against the Eagles, and boy, was that a good game.

A little over a minute into the first quarter, the Bears had not only sacked Donovan McNabb but had scored a touchdown. It was looking beautiful already.

It wasn't the offense that made the stars of the team yesterday, though: it was the Bears defense. I swear, our defense was ON POINT. Picture it: fourth quarter, a little over three minutes left on the clock. The score is 24-20 in favor of the Bears, Eagles have possession of the ball, and it's like 2nd and goal just under a yard from the goal line. Yep, that close. If the Eagles get this touchdown, they would take the lead for the first time in this game.

First attempt: the Bears defense carries the guy back a yard or two. Second attempt: they make it back to around a yard away from the goal line.

This is it: fourth and goal. Donovan McNabb hands the ball off to Correll Buckhalter. He runs...BAM! Alex Brown is first to hit him and knocks him just short of a touchdown. Eagles lose the game, 24-20.

Man. I've never seen such a beautiful effort on a defense play in my life. A job needed to be done, and the Bears stepped up to the challenge and accomplished it!!

Go Bears!


Andre said...

you're a girl!!!
and you watch footbal!!!
what is the world coming too?

I didn't catch that game but I did see the skins and them cowboys...I don't even watch football like that but I can appreciate the effort they put into coming back though

Demiera said...

LOL...I know right?! The world must be coming to an end...

And trust, I'm no football expert either. I like watching it from a common-person-who-doesn't-watch-the-game point of view