Friday, September 19, 2008


I got all dressed up last night to go out (see picture to the left). I was pretty ready for a night on the town.

But nothing seemed to go right. We couldn't get into the parties we wanted to go to, and the parties we could have gotten into were wack and not worth the time.

So I got dressed like this <----- to order 3 medium pizzas with my boyfriend and big bro and watch movies. And yes, I did eat an entire medium pizza by myself, which may not seem like much of an accomplishment but when you're 5'4" and you weigh 120 on a heavy day, a medium pizza is pretty damn huge.

Was I disappointed in my night? Slightly, if only because I got so dressed up to go out and simply ended up eating pizza and lounging in front of the's one of those things where you think "Damn, I could have stayed in basketball shorts and a tank for this!"

Then again, I like dressing up nice. Sometimes Amardo thinks I overdo it; but when you grow up wearing lacy dresses on a field trip to the zoo, nothing is too overdone (and yes, I have photographic proof somewhere of me in this cotillion-style dress in front of a giraffe). I'm the kind of girl who would wear heels every single day if my feet permitted it. And dressing up makes me feel more confident, more ready to conquer the world. Plus, I want to have a reputation for always dressing nicely.

I don't have a distinct style, either. I just like to match. That's how my outfit comes together: does this shirt match these pants? Do I have shoes to match? If not, I need to find what shoes come close and accessorize so they do match.

What's your style?


Video Vix[o]n said...

Well I like matching as well. And I personally like having a fitted to match my outfit, so at least my head look fresh.

but it's the worst getting dressed up not to do much, especially when there's nothing much to do afterwards and you've been looking forward to it.

eunice said...

U ate the entire pizza? No problem, u can afford that with your slim figure! *envious*

Born in the year of snake? R u 20 this year? =D

Andre said...

I hate being dressed up with nowhere to go! There was a period of my life where I'd find myself chilling around lookin like I just came from an "event of some type" watching a movie.

PhlyyGirl said...

Yea... so getting all phlyy for nothing is not on my top list of things to do, but you're right sometimes when you "dress Up" it just puts you in a better mindframe to go and deal with whatever else you got going on in your world.

KC said...

WOW.. U look Hot in that !! :p Hope ur BF does nt see this ! he he :p

And i don have a personal style n all.. I just like to look simple where ever i go !

Demiera said...

@ video vix[o]n - I used to wear fitteds with every outfit...but since I cut my hair I stopped wearing them until my hair grows back out a little more.

@ eunice - Lol thank you! though I know it'll eventually catch up with me. Yes, my birth year is 1989 so I'll be 20 in February!

@ andre - yes, it seems I'm going through that stage now :(

@ phlyygirl - Yea. It's just depressing when you're in that better mindframe and you're more confident...about sitting in front of the tv!

@ kc - LOL thanks...though my bf will probably see your comment lol

Bridge Schmidt said...

Pretty in Pink. Hey, wait a minute, is that pink? I'm color-blind, haha! You look refreshing and young. Perhaps, you should wear more pinky tops =)

A friendly suggestion from a caring friend. * wink!

Demiera said...

@ bridge - Yes it is pink sis, your eyes haven't failed you this time =)

And thanks! I don't wear a lot of pink...but I think maybe I should change that!