Thursday, September 4, 2008

Giv Us Edukashun Or Giv Us Deaffth

The boycott is over. Rev. James Meeks called it off last night after being told by Gov. Rod Blagojevich that the matter would not be addressed by the governor while a boycott is going on.

I think it's a bunch of cockamamie bullshit, but I'm not leading the boycott, so I guess the governor was pretty good at convincing Meeks that his promise was worth calling the boycott off for. Obviously the man has persuasive skills if he's managed to get Illinoisans to vote him into office.

I know why the governor wants the boycott to go hush hush so soon: it's bad publicity for Chicago, and of course we can't have any bad publicity as we attempt to score the bid for the 2016 Olympics. How sad that a showcase of athletic talent is more important than the education of our youth. People need to really get their priorities straight.

Waving the White Flag

I give up. I thought maybe my Halls would defend me. But I suppose I took them too late, after the silly virus was starting to fester in my blood. So here I am now, laying in bed with a raw throat, a cough, and the development of a runny nose. I would like to send a warm thank you to all the sick people around me who seemed intent on making me join you in your sickened misery. Nice to know you wanted me to feel "included". I'd much rather view things like this on the outside looking in.

Still Don't Know Who She Is

Last night, Amardo and I watched the Republican National Convention. Sarah Palin was speaking. I didn't want to watch the thing but he said we should keep our enemies closer and I figured I wanted to be an educated voter, so we watched it.

We didn't catch the whole thing, but the part of the speech we did see was borderline, well, insulting. She heavily referenced the fact that John McCain was a prisoner of war, and while it's good for him that he was able to escape safely, I think they're playing the sympathy card a little too much. Once again, she tried to emphasize Obama's lack of experience.

My question through the speech was this: who the fuck are you? I mean, she wants to blast Obama for not being a prisoner of war...but who is she? What has she done for society lately?

I looked her up on Wikipedia and found...well...nothing important. Oh, except for the fact she doesn't support abortion and advocates abstinence-only sexual education in schools.

Excuse me for a second.

(*exploding fit of laughter, accompanied by snorts, wheezing, and a "whew" at the end*)

You just have to wonder how efficient an "abstinence only" school program would be if the woman advocating it couldn't even keep her 17 year old daughter from getting pregnant. Way to fail before you even get into office, Mrs. Palin.

Given all the bullshit John McCain has been spouting out about Obama, you would think he would choose a running mate that was a little more qualified...and consistent...

As it is, though, he went for the publicity vote.

That's gonna cost ya.


Andre said...

fuck outta here republicans... This is a victory lap for Barry O-B.

Know your enemies = damn right!

Demiera said...

Lmao for sure!

Video Vix[o]n said...

oh baby, this Palin chick did come out of left field and ain't that a bitch about that abstinence stuff. How could she not emphasize this abstinense policy to her own seed?

But, of course, that makes TOO much sense.

KC said...

He he.. I see lotta staunch democrats here ! Even me and whole of india loves Obama !!! I listened to his full speech(and also his wife's) - the only thing that disturbed Indians as a whole is his tough stand on Outsourcing of jobs!! India is one of the main countries that will be affected by that policy ! But anyway , even Grandpa McCain was telling about the same thing ! so it does nt matter much ! :)

Demiera said...

@ video vix[o]n - yeah I almost choked when I saw that. she loses a LOT of credibility on that tip. But then again, we know what I think about common sense...

@ kc - yeaaaahhhH!! Go you and the rest of India for supporting Obama!! Im sorry outsourcing would have such an impact...but i'm sure things will work out in the end!