Tuesday, September 9, 2008

For Those Who Like Fooball Week 1

And so begins Week One of Demiera's Fulfillment of Her Weekly Requirement of Football News Given She Will Be Watching It Whenever It's On, Seeing As She Likes Football But She Doesn't Live And Breathe It But Her Boyfriend Does And He Ultimately Controls the Remote...

I'm sure you've heard about it somewhere...it's been all over the media for the past few days.

That's right folks...Tom Brady injured his left knee, putting him on injured reserve. There's a huge chance he won't be playing for the rest of the season.

I feel bad for Tom Brady because from the sounds of it he was a really good quarterback and a good guy overall. I feel a little friendly sympathy for the Patriots and their fans because it was quite an upset to them. But I'll tell you who I feel worse for...fantasy football players who drafted Tom Brady for their team.

In a fantasy football league, points are awarded based on individual player performance, not on how the team as a whole does (and I'm broadly generalizing that statement because I know there are special teams but for clarity and the sake of my argument I won't get into those details here). So those who had Tom Brady on their team don't have the rest of the Patriots to boost their score, and most had to run to find another starting quarterback, though the damage for the day was already done.

I wouldn't have normally cared so much except my boyfriend drafted Tom Brady for his fantasy football team. His facial expression is what inspired me to write on this topic though...he looked like someone had just shot his dog! It was a very sympathy evoking expression, followed by "Holy fucking shit" and "Fuckin Tom Brady" and "I can't believe this" and an angrier "Fucking Tom Brady!!"...

In other news, the Bears RAN through the Colts, winning 29 - 13. It was particularly refreshing to watch THAT win because the Bears squared off against the Colts in the Super Bowl two years ago and lost...grrr....

This will be an interesting season.

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