Monday, September 29, 2008

Pull Yer Pants Up!!

Ahh, the triviality of the United States today.

At the risk of sounding cliche, I'd like to point out before I begin that there are many things wrong with the United States today: a failing economy, $700 billion dollar bailout plans, a war that nobody seems to remember is going on, an ever-increasing cost of living, high unemployment, and poverty, to name a few.

So imagine, and please try to understand my disbelief that not only is a city in Southern California attempting to ban saggy pants, but that such an occurrence is top news.

Apparently, seeing exposed underwear or skin classifies as "indecent exposure".

C'mon, Cali. Really?

Let's be fair (because, of course, justice systems are supposed to be fair). Just how much is "indecent exposure"? Some women don't even sag their pants and yet you can still see their thongs or even granny panties when they bend over. So what's the difference?

You mean to tell me that police officers are going to turn into actual "fashion police", throwing people in jail just because you can see their underwear??

The press leaked a picture of Britney Spears without underwear and she's not in jail! And that's just nasty, in my opinion!

What next? Soon this little California city will start banning low cut shirts and midriff baring tops.

America is the only place where the top news story involves whether or not the government should let you decide to show your underwear off in public.


Video Vix[o]n said...

though i hate seeing that shit, i think its OD to call it "indecent exposure" (even if a lot of ppl don't want to see it). The dudes just need to be introduced to a belt again, in more ways than one.

tragically, this is top news cuz everything else makes too much sense ;)

Demiera said...

LOL @ the belt thing. You're right though...never underestimate the power of a belt...

And yes...anything else WOULD make too much sense =D

Treasure said...

Amen sista...However I do hate seeing this mess...soooo not cute...soo 1990's...I'm not sayin' that all men should throw or rather "paint on" a pair of skinny jeans but "sagging" is so juvenile and almost primitive looking...ewwww.

KC said...

If this had happened in india , these guys wont be taken to Prison - but to the Mental Institution !! he he :p

Demiera said...

@ treasure - I completely agree. I mean I like a little sag is okay but when I can see your boxers its too much.

@ kc - no way! From what I hear though a mental institution may be a little worse...