Monday, August 18, 2008

Back in the Building!

The break is over!

I've been moving nonstop since my last post. Literally.


That day, I took my cousins to the Museum of Science and Industry (pics coming soon), which is in my opinion one of the best museums Chicago has to offer. Then, I went from saying tearful goodbyes to my aunt and cousins to picking up my bed, dresser, two tables, and a chair from my great-aunt. Having an SUV really pays off. After I got home, Amardo and I went to go see Tropic Thunder, which is almost my favorite movie of the year. Look for the review of that soon as well. I got home between 1 and 2 and packed a few things then went to sleep.


I woke up packing. Midday, my aunt texted me and asked if I wanted to run to a picnic with her...and since I'm not one to resist free food, I accepted the offer. We actually had a blast and ate some good barbecue. Then it was back to my greataunt's house to see some cousins from out of town who haven't seen me in years and almost didn't recognize me at first. After I finally got home, I was up packing for a few hours.


I was up waaayyy too early, preparing for my first ever drive to Dekalb in my new car, an 80 mile trip. After battling with packing up my car and securing part of my bed on top, I drove out to pick up Andrew and then swang over to grab Amardo and headed out. After the guys moved the stuff into my room, we hung out, went to Walmart, grabbed a bite to eat, and went home (well, I stayed at Amardos for a little before going home). I made it home around 8 (mind you, I'd been up since 8 am packing the car and getting gas and all kinds of stuff) and didn't finish packing until close to 2 in the morning. I was so tired I wanted to die.


I was back up this morning at 7:30, after not getting to bed until 2. I made a trip to Kmart to return a vacuum, then went back home to pack the car up (which was more daunting and difficult than I had expected, though it was mostly small stuff). When that was done, I finally hit the road (after picking up Amardo) and spent another few hours putting stuff in my room, organizing everything, taking a trip to Walmart again for household items and groceries, and coming back to eat and really organize my room. Look for pics of my room when it's completely clean.

I'm DEAD tired right now. Not quite sleepy, just tired, and not in the mood to go out or do anything right now. Don't worry...I still have a lot of work to do but it's okay, at least you know I'm back to doing what I love: blogging!

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