Friday, August 8, 2008

Money Can't Buy Knives...But It Can Buy Some Good Laughs!!

You won't need money for these laughs, though.

This is an oooollllddd movie. It came out in like, 1993. I would have been four years old then.

Amardo suggested we watch this movie one day last week and I agreed, not having any better alternatives.

This movie turned out to be one of the best he's ever recommended. It was absolutely hilarious!!! It's about these two adopted boys (Ernie Reyes, Jr. and Nicholas Cowen) and their wacky friend (played by Rob Schneider) who find out from a eyepatched guy who looks like The Matrix meets Zorro that they are really Chinese royalty and that they need to go save their people.

It's got a Power Rangers feel to it with the cheesy evil dictator Colonel Chi (played by Leslie Nielsen) and exaggerated stunts. But maybe that's what makes this movie so enjoyable. Not to mention there are plenty of funny scenes and lots of sarcastic humor, which I love.

It's perfect for when you don't have anything to do, or you're bored, or you're looking for some link to the world of early 90s kid's TV.

You can watch this movie here. Check it out!!


Raft3r said...

will look for this!

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caryn said...

OMG. i completely forgot about this one. hahahaa! memories ;-)

fab said...

do you know that ernie reyes is a Filipino? hehehe i'll try to watch this with furious when i visit him in september. thanks for sharing demiera! ;)

Fizzrate said...
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Fizzrate said...

"Patu San."
"NO! Patu San."


"Money can't buy knives"

ROFL,those 2 quotes and the movie are awesome.