Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tropic Thunder is Taking The Box Office By Storm!

I've seen a lot of movies this year, some good, some bad.

This movie has made it to my list of best funny movies of all time but is definitely the funniest movie I've seen all year.

Any movie that makes me laugh until tears flow down my face before the movie really starts is pretty damn amazing.

I'm talking about, of course, Tropic Thunder.

Not gonna lie, the premise sounds a bit...cliche. A group of actors who think they're filming a war movie end up in a real war fighting for their lives. But amazing performances by Ben Stiller (who also wrote and directed the movie), Jack Black, and Robert Downy Jr. just make even this simple premise outright hilarious.

I also think it's fitting to mention a new face, Brandon Soo Hoo. He looks innocent in this picture but in the movie he is a G!!! He was runnin everything. Amardo and I agreed this kid is going to be really really popular one day.

I recommend Tropic Thunder to anyone looking to see a really really funny though sometimes inappropriate movie (then again, that is why it's rated "R"). I would caution anyone wanting to see this movie to relieve your bladder first because I'd hate to see the mess if a laugh happened to get out of control!


KC said...

Kool , I cant wait to catch this ! Heard lots about the "Black Face" controversy ! :) But then , movies such as this will be released here in India only a month after it has released in the US.. :(

Demiera said...

Wow one month? That's a long time...

And I should say I personally found nothing wrong with Robert Downey Jr playing a black guy. He did a damn good job of it, actually. He wasn't mocking black people like the ppl who did black face did.