Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Getting Ready To Say Goodbye

Why is it that whenever you plan on something and you know it's coming it still seems to come all too soon??

I feel like I've been home forever...I have. I've been here for 3 months. And now it's time to pack up my things yet again and go back to school.

Last night, I started making my "Move-Out Checklist"...if I don't write everything that I need down, I'll forget something! I got the mattress for my bed last night too...and came to the stunning realization that an SUV and a minivan will not be enough to cart all of my belongings to won't even fit all the big stuff! I don't want to make two trips but it looks like I might have to. With both cars. *Sigh*

Rippin' N Runnin'

Of course, I waited until the last minute -now- to start figuring out just what I need to be taking to school with me and how on earth I'm going to get it all there. So I've basically been ripping and running all week, if not in stores then online, doing everything from writing articles to buying blenders and vacuums to looking for jobs. I've got essentially three days to get to my great-aunts house to pick up my bed frame, dresser, TV stand, and whatever else I want that will fit in my truck. That's gonna take two trips (and besides, I have NOWHERE to put that stuff. Nowhere). I've still got to go to the store when I get to Dekalb, first because I want to drain my mother's Link card* and second because I simply can't carry everything that we need over at once.

*(Note: A Link card is the card for poor people like me. The government puts money on it once a month and you use it to buy food. In fact, before the Link card was a "card", it was called food stamps because the money would come as a book of stamps. It says Illinois Link but it seems the only people who know about the card live in Chicago.)

For now, though, since I'm tied down in this house for the next 9 hours, I suppose it's back to the job search. Woohoo!


Raft3r said...

goodbyes can be good
at least, it signals a new beginning

have fun moving out
i can help out
but it would take hours to get there

jaisham said...

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Demiera said...

@ Raft3r - Thanks for the offer!! As long as moving out/in isn't anything like when I did this last year, I should be okay!

KC said...

Hey , u ll continue to blog right ??! :) U ll have ur PC and internet connection in ur new home right ???

Demiera said...

Oh, of course i'll still be blogging! My laptop will be right with me every step of the way :) I'm just leaving home to go back to school.