Thursday, August 14, 2008

Google Docs! Google Docs!

I have a problem keeping up with things sometimes...but I've never had more trouble trying to keep up with anything than when I tried keeping up with a flash drive.

Don't get me wrong, flash drives are the shit. I learned how useful they are when I worked at the dentistry and had to save all my files on CD-RW.

By the way... there's nothing rewritable about CD-RW cds. Nothing.

So I got my own flash drive halfway through my senior year. I kept accidentally leaving it in the computer and almost lost it more than a few times. Until I got to college and left it and never saw it again :(.

Life without a flash drive was hard, so I bought another one...and lost it just a few weeks after I got it. By some stroke of luck, someone turned it in and I reclaimed it. All riiight!!

And then I lost it again. *Sigh*.

Recently, I went on a software downloading kick. I downloaded Photoshop, Microsoft Live Small Business Edition, and....drumroll...Google Docs!

After today, I think I'm in love.

I never used my flash drive for anything other than to transfer documents (oh, and music the one time I downloaded some for a friend, but that was it). So of course I was feeling pretty happy when today I uploaded a document to my Google Docs on one computer and came back to my laptop and viewed the same document. Ooooohhhhhh boy.

What's even better is that I can edit my documents when I'm offline. No word yet on whether my edits will still transfer while I'm offline.

But it's still a major step for me (and it was free!)

For the only somewhat technical person like myself who is really just trying to find a way to transfer documents easily without spending tons of money (that would be me), this is perfect. It gets the job done, and is so much quicker than trying to email the document or anything other such method. And did I mention I can edit the documents right there?

Google Docs won't replace my new (and free) choice for word processing software: Open Office. When I have documents to create, interface is everything and I find the Google Docs interface, while bright, to be a little too barebones for my liking. If necessary, I'll use it, but I would much rather use Open Office for larger projects.

And no, this isn't a paid post by Google Docs, either. Just me being me :)


KC said...

Hehe.. U sure wd make a great Paid-post writer like ME ?! :p

And i have nt used G Docs , maybe i din have the necessity - or just maybe i dont loose my flash-drive often :p

Demiera said...

Lol thank you, thank you!

And I'm definitely one of those people who would misplace their own head if it weren't attached!

KC said...

Even am one :p But flash drives are just an exception - cos mine is too big to get misplaced :)

One Eighteen said...

When you're good at something, never do it for free.

Stop making Google money!


fab said...

this is sort of off topic but i just saw pics of Google's office from an email sent to me and it's freakin' awesome i tell you!!! i'll share it in our blog soon. maybe you should try applying for a job there then i'd die of envy when you get in.. :P

Demiera said...

@ one eighteen - Lol, I know, I know. Maybe Google will show me some love...a little page rank increase, maybe...?!

@ fab - Hmmm, not such a bad idea... I'll definitely be looking for that post! =)