Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Life Isn't Fair

Note: I'm normally a mild mannered, nonconfrontational girl. And believe it or not, this post is watered down compared to how angry I actually was (yes, that's possible). Don't worry, I'm not so angry now, but I was when I wrote this:

How did this happen?

Who was the one gathering information about apartments? Who was the one riding with to view them and discuss affordable prices? Who did they put the responsibility of paying rent on?

And who ended up with the smallest room?

"First come first serve". That's bullshit. First come first serve applies to people who don't know each other, people who start out with an equal chance at getting the best. First come first serve doesn't apply to people moving in together when two of them did all of the work finding it.

I can't go back to school yet...because I'm working. I have to stay in Chicago as long as I can doing something I REALLY DON'T ENJOY so that I have money to pay rent so we DON'T GET EVICTED. And because of that, I have to get the smallest room?

Who does my roommate think she is to do NO WORK finding a place to stay, NO WORK viewing apartments, NO WORK making appointments, she DIDN'T PAY RENT last month, and yet she still thinks she deserves a bigger room?? WHAT THE FUCK??

I'm more than mad. I'm more than furious. I am livid. Absolutely downright steam-out-the-ears livid.

It's not even about the smaller room, because in all honesty had we chosen and someone had given me a good enough reason to take it, I would have. I'm just that type of person. What I don't appreciate is not having the choice. I don't appreciate being told "Oh, you have the smaller room. But we're going to give you a small discount on your rent for your trouble".

I HATE FEELING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF. Anybody that knows me knows I'll bend over backwards for the people I care about. Ask my mom. Ask my boyfriend. Ask my friends. I'm a responsibility taker, even if I get in over my head sometimes. But the point is, I do things for people and I HATE IT when they turn around and do stuff like this. They know that I'm too quiet and nonconfrontational to raise a huge stink about it, and plus, I'm not there! What the fuck can I do 80-something miles away? Drive all the way out to Dekalb and throw the girls stuff out the room? Oh yeah, that's a real good way to settle things.

I feel backed into a corner. The thing is, when I feel like that, I come out swinging. We haven't even started living together yet...these girls don't want me swinging this early in the game.


mnel - LD said...

I just can feel the angst! I somehow feel for you because like you, I have to know how to live with someone (actually, some people) harmoniously and it requires a loooot of patience and a lot of adjusting to do. Like you, I'm used to being responsible but the difficult part there is being taken advantage of. It sucks really.

Demiera said...

I completely agree. It's always the people who are willing to do the most who get taken advantage of. But I guess in the end having the responsibility will pay off. Although I get the feeling this is only the tip of the iceberg...

One Eighteen said...

you already know how i feel about this and there is no way that you should get the smallest room. if you ask me, thats selfish of Vero.


Demiera said...

Of course I know... At least you didn't try to say something just to calm me down and keep me quiet. Vero doesn't talk to me like that so she wouldn't care about how I felt about it. This shit just makes me angrier and angrier every time I think about it. I didn't want to bring out the mad black woman but I think I might have to...

KC said...

For once , i dont wanna console you or anything ! I know how it feels and ve been in umpteen no. of situations like that before - helping someone thinkin hes dear to me and getting screwed by the same person !! :-/ All i can say is Screw those Fuckers !!!

Demiera said...

Yeah being in this position really sucks...and I have to live with them for a year!! I guess ill just have to take it as a learning experience to avoid this happening again... :-/