Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Smooth Jazz Gets the Groove Back

How are you feeling today? Happy? Anxious? Maybe sad?

I feel...musical. It's been a while since I've felt like this. But I'm not in a rap or hip hop mood, or even rock (and yes, I do listen to some rock from time to time). I'm in more of a smooth jazz mood.

So now I'm sharing three of my favorite smooth jazz songs.

First up is "Summer Madness" by Kool and the Gang. Ahhh. This song, like "Moments in Love", was played over and over again when I was a kid. It's an excellent stepping song (ooo, I see another entry in my dictionary...)

Next on the list is "Forever in Love" by Kenny G. This song is a song played in a lot of African American weddings. It's a simply beautiful slow song, and Kenny G kills the saxophone. Just murders it. Amazing, amazing song. You should really go to Youtube and type in Forever in Love, and see the actual video (I couldn't embed it). The video itself is one of the most touching music videos I've ever seen. Enough of my raving...listen to it for yourself...

The third and final song I'm sharing for now is "Obsession Confession" by Slash. Not only does it have a mellow, chill smooth jazz theme, but it has a flavorful spanish groove (helped by the fact that he played this song using the spanish guitar). Great, great song.

Lovin it, lovin it, LOVIN IT! I get the feeling I'll still be listening to songs like these when I'm old. Simply amazing.


KC said...

Man , Sax and Smooth jazz is one thing that intoxicates you even more than any alcohol or pot out there !! Also with some Pink Floyd and some Trance by ATB or Tiesto - you dont need any booze to get high !!! :p

Am a great fan of Kenny G ! Along with Forever in Love , i also loveee "The Moment" ! Have u listened to that ???

Demiera said...

Ahhh "The Moment"!! At first I wasn't sure what song you were talking about but when I went to listen to it I remembered...another GREAT song!! And yes smooth jazz is simply enchanting...that's why I love it so much!