Thursday, June 19, 2008

Connected Like Legos

I just went through a huge exercise of patience and was pleasantly surprised at what I found I could do. What sparked my fit of emotion? Just some financial issues that weren't financial issues when I went to bed. Either way, I woke up to a not so pleasant wake up call. I was stressed, upset, frustrated, and to the point of tears. What was I to do?

manly intuition?
i knew somebody was fucking with your money

and when somebody fucks with you, i wake from my manly slumber

Well, I must say this. There are some external forces at work here. Let me explain why. Amardo and I have a bit of a ritual, you could say. I go to bed after him or at least he calls me before he goes to sleep, and he always wakes up after me, no matter what time I wake up. But last night was different. I called him before I went to sleep (i went to bed first) and he ended up waking up before I did. What was stranger was that we talked on AIM, even though we rarely do. I had accidentally left my account signed in last night and when I woke up he had sent me a message this morning so I responded. Amardo called it his "manly intuition" that woke him out of his "manly slumber".

me and you are connected, like legos
and we are one like 2 peas in a pod that have sex all day

Either way it goes, he really kept me from overdramatizing the situation and he was supportive but most importantly, he was there when I needed him and that really means a lot to me. He seems to have developed a radar that screams when something is really wrong with me and he always knows the best way to calm me down, too. (In case you aren't hip to organization, the bold blue stuff is what he said to me. Perfect analogies lol)

People go through their lives looking for their perfect mate and many never find the one who truly complements their personality. I'm just glad I found mine so early.

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