Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some Housecleaning

So, as I said in my last post, I just signed up with Technorati. Now, it seems pretty cool but it takes forever to get anything to work! It took me 10 minutes to upload a profile picture! So to the folks at Technorati, maybe 10:49 at night isn't the best time for me to try to make a new profile, but whatever bugs you got, you need to iron them out because they are more frustrating than trying to retrieve bumper stickers on Facebook!!

Second: as I mentioned in my last post, I'm going to be starting a new blog sometime within the next few days (maybe even the next few hours if my caramel frappuchino keeps me up). This blog is going to be a professional blog, and I'm not going to post in it too often. It will be a place for me to showcase my work. Hopefully, when I start getting references from companies, I'll be able to create a website and really start getting business. But we'll see. Future announcements as events warrant.

Third: expect some changes on this blog. I'm going to be posting a lot more to keep in touch with my writing side and to increase my skills, and I feel a lot more confident about posting now that more people will actually be able to see this blog. I'm not going to promise a complete facelift overnight, but there will be some changes soon.

Fourth: here are some pictures I ran across today when I was trying to find a pic for my Technorati profile

That's me and my dog Cesar. He's my little ride or die dog. Both of my pets are you can see he sits at the table like he owns the place.

He's probably tired of the camera at this point. He doesn't always look this evil. He's a very happy puppy.

This is Chippendale, the most gangsta hamster I know. Everyone who meets Chippendale falls in love with him. But don't take his cute and cuddly looks for granted...he does fight if you try picking him up and he's a fast little summummabitch.

I guess I've run out of stuff to say for now, so I'll retire my blogging for the night and get back into entrepreneur mode. I'll be saying a lot more from now on. Til then, deuces.

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