Friday, June 20, 2008

Hamster Ranchero y Cerveza!!

Before I get asked any questions, let me just clarify that the title is an inside joke. In my uncle's attempt to become fluent in Spanish, he has taken on the task of learning by doing... this means that he goes to Mexican restaurants and orders una mesa para cuatro... that was, of course, as far as he'd gotten with the spanish. But what's funnier is that sometimes he can't read the menu so he has to order the only two foods he knows: huevos rancheros y cerveza. Now, I don't know about you, but there are only so many times you can eat eggs and beer before you just get sick!

Fast forward to about an hour and a half ago. My cousin Nia owns two Roborovski dwarf hamsters (yes, the exact same kind as my darling Chippendale). One, Buttercup, is quite the rebel and always looks like she got caught in the electric socket one day. She ended up escaping so four of us were on a mission to find this little no-tailed heifer. An hour later, after much screaming and maneuvering of heavy objects, we found the little rascal and returned her to her cage. I told my uncle what happened and he said next time we should get her out with the vacuum cleaner. And that's when we started discussing different elements of hamster cuisine, like hamster burgers with hot sauce and cheese and hamster con queso (which led to my invention of the hamster ranchero y cerveza to poke fun at his limited ordering possibilities). 

I'll admit, if you don't know how my uncle and I communicate with each other, you'd think it was gross that we could discuss such a thing (although some Peruvian dishes feature cuy. And if you don't know what cuy is, look it up or ask). But we just roll like that. I tease my uncle about his limited Spanish, he teases me about my cracked phone, I told him he looked like Russell Simmons, he told me my mama needed two tickets for the zoo (one to get in and one to get out), and so our lives go. By the time I spend one day with him I have a million stories to tell about our adventures. 

I'm fighting sleep with a butter knife... my attempts to stay awake are having no negligible effect on me so I guess I'll succumb to the urge. I'll be posting again tomorrow.

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