Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Incredible Hulk: An Incredible Must-See

Let me first say that I am not a huge fan of Marvel Comics. Sure, I saw the Superman movie, but that's about as close as I got. Ask me to name a comic character and after a few tries, I draw a blank. 

But The Incredible Hulk is one of my personal "Must See Movies of the Year". Notice, I said year; based on some of the other movies I've seen in 2008, Hulk didn't have too much competition. 

The movie starts off telling the story of Bruce Banner (played by Edward Norton), a seemingly unassuming man who changes into a green monster with unbridled rage and strength (though a seemingly reduced IQ) when his heart rate jumps up just a little too high. Forced to run away to Portugal, his only contact with anybody from his past is a man named Mr. Blue (reminiscent of Reservoir Dogs) to whom he communicates via a very old and obsolete instant messenger. An accident at a bottling factory leads the US military to discover his whereabouts, where they go to capture him. Along the way, he finds the woman he loved and together they set out to not only evade military forces but to also possibly find a cure for his condition. As if it weren't enough to constantly be on the run from the military, Bruce is faced with a new nemesis: a monster with more power and strength than even he.

This is a superhero movie, of course, so it has all the themes of a good super hero movie: the man nobody would have assumed to be the superhero, some pretty woman he feels compelled to save, another monster that matches or surpasses the superhero's abilities, and some quest for some truth (plus an authoritative looking figure who you come to hate but can't help but feel just a little sorry for in the end). 

Any last words?

Again, I'm not a huge fan of comics OR superheroes, OR scenes of miles and miles of carnage in a major city (I wonder how long it would take to fix all of that up) so for me to have enjoyed the movie is saying something. 

I should note that the movie had excellent product placement (as pointed out by Amardo three times), so don't see the movie if you're hungry, thirsty, or a smoker unless you're prepared to buy a Coke, pizza, and a cigarette to enjoy after the show. 

P.S. - This is a movie you can take the kids to, unless they are the type of kids that like to act out movies after they see them. You don't want your little tyke trying to punch a hole in the wall or picking up their younger sibling to throw them into a "building". Not cool.


One Eighteen said...

Disclaimer: The Incredible Hulk does not endorse or support cigarette smoking or Coca-Cola drinking. Only pizza eating.

How do I know? Cuz the Coke and the cigarettes were in the ads and previews BEFORE the movie lol


Demiera said...

lol BUT to be technical
the smoking was just as the movie was starting
the general was smoking at the very beginning
so The Incredible Hulk DOES endorse cigarette smoking

One Eighteen said...



onyxx said...

for some reason, i find it hard to connect with both film adaptations of the Incredible Hulk -- at least not in the same way as i did with Iron Man or Batman Begins. edward norton was great though (and so was eric bana btw) :)

Demiera said...

Lol 118 thank you thank you i try!!

Onyxx, honestly i didn't see iron man or Batman Begins although I heard Iron Man was good and if i'm not mistaken they filmed portions of batman down the street from my job! I might have to see them now though.