Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Layout

I decided that to boost my mood a little (and to waste a little time) I was going to change the layout of my blog. So what you see now is thanks to the kind folks at Pyzam (and whoever made this layout). It was the first layout I saw on the page and I instantly fell in love with it...it was exactly what I was looking for! The white background instantly makes my page look happier, and the graphic design in the corner is perfect. Just my style. Finally, this blog layout truly reflects my personality, at least as far as design goes. 

Oh and by the way. So I was going to be a good girl and put a new status on my Twitter page...but Twitter took too long to load. That's gonna cost you some points, Twitter. I already don't agree with having a whole website dedicated to statuses (which I only update once every few days ANYWAY) but the speed with which it took to load the page was less than satisfactory. I know you're handling heavy traffic now as more and more people join your website but step up your game like Facebook and Myspace did (except the Facebook bumper stickers...those are the worst at loading) to handle the extra subscribers. As a developing and new technology you don't wanna piss people off this early in the game.

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