Monday, June 23, 2008

Somewhere Out There

Hey niece...never forget that your are part of a Dynasty. You are a Queen and never allow yourself to be treated otherwise. I stand at the right hand of the man. My power is your power, your enemies are my enemies, you pain fuels my fury.Those who cross you will never know the joy of a long life!
I attribute a lot of things to my uncle: any street sense I can claim, my extensive knowledge of cell phones and the new cell phone technologies (c'mon...suggest anything less than quad band...I dare ya), and a sense of always having somebody I can call on whether I need advice or a new pair of gym shoes. I won't get too deep into the grisly details but he was really stepped into the role of father when my own wasn't able to do so.
Too fast to live...too young to die
That's why I've named my blog after one of his favorite quotes. I'm not sure where he got it from, but I think I need to adapt this to my own life, especially after my last blog post. After writing it, I realized what a state I was working myself up into. I need to be moving too fast for the times, not sitting back complaining that I'm inhaling everyone else's dust. Because I'm not. I'm like the lone driver on the freeway, with cars way in front and way behind. I could speed up and try to catch up with the drivers ahead of me but I'd just end up with a poor excuse for a speeding ticket. I could focus on staying ahead of the drivers behind me, but they aren't much competition because they're already behind. I'm in a league of my own right now. I'll continue to own my part of the road, and I'll wait for those ahead of me to get caught in gridlock so I can learn from their mistakes and avoid the traffic jam.

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