Friday, June 13, 2008

Something Different

I got my hair braided today...I haven't gotten this done in almost two years so not many people know this side of me. I just wanted to show this pic. I'll be writing later.


shzainzy said...

Hi there! thanks for droppin by my page and for leaving a comment ^^, nice picture you got here btw..and we have the same phone!.. lol..

cools posts you got here..^_^,you have a nice day!

and i totally agree on what you said.. and marriage is one heck of a havoc if it doesn't work.. specially the part when you grow apart from each other and boyfriend came from a broken family.. so he's really careful and very picky when it comes to marriage.. well.. i can't blame him though.. ^_^

Demiera said...

Hello there!!
Thanks for the compliments (our phone is pretty cool isn't it lol)
"Careful" isn't always a bad thing when it comes to certainly works to prevent divorce in the long run...